Do you Smell That? Ways to Eliminate Odors in the Property that Leasing Agents should Know About

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Although the tenants are responsible for the property’s upkeep, they will ask for the landlord’s help from time to time. May it be for repairs, neighbor issues, and maintaining a clean property. Landlords should know what to do whenever tenants ask them for tips. First-time renters might need to know a thing or two about keeping the property clean.

It won’t hurt if you also know some things about caring for a property. You can help landlords and tenants alike by learning new tips. For example, if you read on, you will discover how to make strange odors go away. These are life hacks that everyone needs, honestly.

• Step one: Find the source.

The first thing to do is to find what causes the smell. One of the common causes is garbage. We can’t deny the fact that it is one of the most unpleasant smells. Sometimes, the smell comes from the neighbors too. If the landlord owns an apartment building, this problem might occur more often. Smoking and cooking odors can penetrate the walls, causing the other tenants to smell them.

Another possible cause is when tenants have pets. Sooner or later, they can bring about unpleasing smells, particularly if the tenants fail to bathe them regularly. In other instances, the odor can come from the property being left alone for some time. It might be because it was vacant for a while before the new tenants move in, or the tenant went on vacation. The stench of stale air can also become overwhelming.

• Step two: Getting rid of the strange smell.

Once they find the cause of the smell, it will become easier to find a solution. There are simple ways to unburden the tenants of the problem. One of the things they can do is to clean the property regularly. Nothing beats a good cleaning session to get rid of foul odors. At the same time, they can let the air in the house. Sometimes poor ventilation will cause the smell to stay.

You can also suggest checking the vents. Blocked vents will prevent the proper circulation of air. Maybe it is time for the landlord to have the HVAC inspected. If the problem stems from the garbage, the tenants should make sure they use airtight containers. They should also avoid throwing the trash out late. The longer it stays in the property, the more it will stink. The landlord should also ensure to have the garbage picked up regularly. He should remind the tenants about the pick-up schedule to avoid missing it.

Cooking smells can come from the neighbors, but they can also come from the tenants themselves. Some food dishes can cause a lingering smell but do not worry — here are two things: vinegar and baking soda. Leaving open boxes of baking soda inside the refrigerator can get rid of food smells. They can also try and sprinkle some of it on carpets and near the trash cans. Tenants can use vinegar and hot water when they clean their appliances. They can also leave a cup of vinegar on the countertops at night to help.

• Step three: Keep the property smelling good.

Of course, I’m not only teaching you how to get rid of strange smells. I’ll also tell you tips on how to make the property smell good. The best one is baking cookies. Freshly baked cookies will instantly fill the property with a sweet aroma. And the tenants get to eat too.

But since they can’t bake cookies every day, they can opt to buy a gadget to help combat foul odors. Air purifiers are becoming a popular staple in households. You can find different models of it with HEPA filters in the market. If buying an air purifier is out of the budget, they can choose the cheaper way, having plants. Plants will help purify and clean the air.

The abovementioned hacks are pretty simple, and everyone can do it. Make sure to suggest them to the tenants and landlords to maintain a clean property. These tips will help you too. Every time you show a property to potential tenants, strange smells can turn them off. They would have high expectations from what they saw on your property listing at Padleads. Make sure to give them a property that looks and smells clean.

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