Life Online: Avoid Mistakes Leasing Agents Make On Their Social Media

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Social media has become a venue for just about everything. Almost everyone I know has at least one online account to keep up with their friends and family. It has also provided an opportunity for a lot of people to get their businesses out there. You can see several paid ads every time you log in because they know people will see them.

You and many other leasing agents have probably been using social media to advertise your property listings too. However, did you know some leasing agents commit social media mistakes? You may not notice, but you may have been making the same blunders. But don’t you fret because I’m going to tell you what they are so you can avoid them.

• Worrying about being repetitive

Some agents hesitate to keep on posting online about the same thing over and over again. What they do not realize is that people expect them to do that because it’s their job. Okay, you might get a few comments, but it only means they see your ads. Avoid making a big deal about it because you’re the only one thinking that.

• Exclusively posting about listings

The reason why people go on social media is to look for posts that will entertain them. And if they see you posting about your or other agents’ listing only, your feed can become predictable and boring. Eventually, they will scroll past your posts. I suggest you post about other things to keep them interested.

• Weighing yourself up with other agents

Sure, some agents may close deals more often than you do, but that should not bother you. If it does, you can opt to unfollow them. It will not make you an antagonist for doing so because their posts might discourage you. I believe that if something makes you feel down, avoid it at all costs.

• Steering clear of offending people

You might be one of those people who makes sure they don’t post anything offensive for fear of losing customers. For example, everyone has their political or religious views, and they fight over those online. You can stay neutral about these issues and stick to being invisible. But then again, voicing out your opinions will make you stand out among the rest. There’s a possibility you’ll lose a few friends, though.

• Not sharing your “real life”:

Most people build their expectations about you based on your social media presence. And that is precisely the reason why some agents rarely post about their personal life. They think the public would want them to maintain their formal persona. On the contrary, people will want to see other things about you and not just property listings. They would also prefer seeing your personal life so they can relate to you.

• Excessive bragging

Wait. Before you argue, I know it is okay to post about your achievements from time to time. It will also show them you have successful deals too. But it’s not okay if you do it excessively. Every time they see your posts, they’ll be like, “Yeah. We get it.”. Some people might also think you’re too busy and unavailable for them. It’s alright to post your success, but keep it to a minimum.

• Spelling and grammar errors

This one is self-explanatory. You would want to appear intelligent and professional. Potential tenants will prefer someone who knows what they’re doing and not someone who can’t even construct a proper sentence. Always watch out for these errors, and you may ask someone to help you check before posting.

Sometimes people will form their opinions of you before meeting you based on your social media posts. It may be the first thing they check, and those first impressions last. You have to make the most of it.

Aside from the usual social media accounts, you can also try other websites to post your property listings. You can try using Padleads, too. All you have to do is sign up, post, and syndicate the listings to other web pages. Oh, and do not forget to avoid the mistakes I just mentioned.

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