Tips For Leasing Agents: Attract Tenants With These Design Trends

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Trying to fill in a vacant property is not an easy task. You have to sell the property to people and convince them to rent. Many factors affect the agent’s ability to look for tenants. We have to factor in the landlord, property location, and the unit itself. One of the main factors is the rental and everything it has to offer.

Almost every year, something new will emerge that will set the trend for homeowners. It may be a new piece of appliance or a new theme for their decor. Whatever it is, we always have to keep up with the fads. Of course, not all of them. Some trends will eventually fade, and some are not fit for the long term. Thankfully, there are home design trends that continue to attract renters. Do you want to know what those are? I’m guessing you do because you know it will help you.

Outdoor areas

Most tenants will prefer a rental with an outdoor space. They would want an area where they can relax without leaving their home. A deck or a patio should do the trick. Families can have Sunday dinners outside while enjoying the fresh breeze.

Mind you, even the tenants without children can enjoy these areas. They can have friends and family over anytime because they have the space for it. Some tenants want the indoor-outdoor option, where they can move between the two through a glass door.

Having a laundry room

Personally, doing the laundry is a tedious chore. You have to lug the dirty clothes around the house, and you have to bring them to the laundromat. When you get there, you have to wait for it to finish. It can take up a lot of your time.

Most people will agree that having a laundry room is quite the advantage. They can do the washing, drying, and ironing all in one room. It helps minimize the clutter inside the rest of the house. It also gives the renters the chance to do other things while doing the laundry. Relax on the sofa, for one.

Using neutral colors

Tenants who plan on staying for a long time will want to decorate their homes in the way they want. The landlords can never go wrong with using neutral colors because they make it easier to decorate. They can fit any theme, whether minimal or not. These colors will always be trendy.

Remember to point this out to the tenants. Give them an idea of how their house would look with the neutral colors. It won’t hurt if you put up a few decors during the house tour, either.

Eco-friendly features

As you may have noticed in the last few years, people are getting more aware and conscious about helping the environment. It is the reason why they prefer to live in sustainable homes. Having an eco-friendly property will attract more tenants.

It is not only about keeping up with what is in, but it can do something good too. The landlord would have to invest more money in doing so, but it is worth it in the long run.

Having kitchen islands

Yes, even kitchen islands can attract potential tenants. They have advantages compared to kitchens that do not have them. Kitchen islands provide additional space to have cabinets and sinks. They can also become an added space where people can eat. All the tenants need are a few bar stools, and they’re good to go.

Room for home offices

Some of the tenants you will encounter are working-age, and sometimes they bring their work home. Some of them even work from their houses. With this in mind, extra space for their office is a good idea. They would need a separate room where they can be productive without having to deal with distractions.

The landlords do not have to try out all the fads because they’ll end up with a property with too much going on. The main thing to look out for is the trend’s ability to continue to make tenants happy.

Don’t forget to emphasize these features when they come to visit the property. And also, when using Padleads. Highlight these home design trends in your property listings and make sure you syndicate them to other websites. With these in your portfolio, you won’t have any problems finding the right tenant.

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