Red Flags About Leasing Agents That Landlords Should Not Ignore

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We all know that a landlord’s job is difficult. The rental business involves several tasks, and it can become challenging for them. They have to juggle a lot all at once, and not finishing one can affect the business. Because of this, landlords opt to hire leasing agents. They don’t take over all of the landlord’s responsibilities, but they do lessen them.

There are various ways a leasing agent can help the landlord. They can benefit from having someone share the responsibilities in property management. However, choosing a good leasing agent is an essential task and should not be taken lightly. With this in mind, I will list down the red flags that landlords shouldn’t ignore while choosing an agent. Some of them are easy to spot. If you think that some of these things apply to you, I suggest you make some changes asap.

Uninterested in a long-term partnership

The landlord will work with the leasing agent for a long time. They have to establish a partnership where they can work without having too many conflicts. If the landlord feels that the leasing agent is not concerned about forming a long-term alliance with the landlord, he should look for another.

Does not ask about the landlord’s goals

A good agent will try to look at the bigger picture and future possibilities. He should ask about any plans or goals that the landlord has because he can assist in making them happen. If the agent is not even asking, he probably does not intend on helping the landlord grow.

Very affordable

If a leasing agent offers a cheap commission, it can attract the landlord to hire him. After all, everyone wants to save money. But this could become a red flag for the landlord. There is truth in the saying that you get what you pay for, and the landlord might hesitate if your rate is too good to be true.

Dependent on the landlord

One of the reasons landlords hire leasing agents is because they have more experience. They know the ins and outs of the rental business. It is a red flag if the agent asks the landlord what to do instead of offering suggestions. The landlord will expect someone with expertise.

Speaks negatively about other agents

There is a certain level of competitiveness in the rental industry. Landlords clamor to find the best properties and find the best tenants. However, it is not reason enough to hate other people. If a leasing agent gossips and speaks negatively about other agents, it is a huge red flag. They don’t have to put down others to make themselves look good. It shows they are insecure or threatened.

Lies and manipulates

Unfortunately, some people will lie their way through anything. They might think little white lies are harmless, but they are lies all the same. Once the landlord finds out that an agent lied to manipulate someone, he should cut ties immediately. Forgiving them is one thing, but tolerating them is another.


Employees represent their employers. They perform duties on behalf of the employer. So if a leasing agent acts unprofessionally, it will reflect on the landlord. Unethical actions include vulgar language and rude behavior. A landlord would not want to employ someone who will turn off his clients.

Does not speak the language

A leasing agent must be able to know everything about the business. If he does not understand the basic terms regarding rentals, they might not get the best deals out there. They should know how things work and learn more along the way.


A good agent knows how things work. However, a landlord does too. He must be able to cooperate with the landlord and listen to his ideas. Some agents tend to do what they think is right, and they fail to take the landlord’s advice into account. An uncooperative agent is considered a red flag.

Leasing agents can pose as a big help to landlords. They help find tenants to fill in a vacancy. They also take care of advertising which is, luckily, made easier with Padleads. The online website lets you post property listings and have them syndicated to other internet sites. Hiring a leasing agent is an advantage for landlords. They only have to make sure to avoid the red flags and choose the best ones, and you could be one of them.

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