Renovation Trends: Things To Avoid That Leasing Agents Should Know About

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Sooner or later, the landlord will decide to upgrade his property. It might be because the unit needs new things, or maybe it has seen better days. Renovations will mean spending money, but if you think about it, they will become investments. If the landlord renovates, it can bring in more tenants, and the property’s value will also increase.

Getting the landlord to upgrade will also help you find a tenant faster. Every time you post that property listing at Padleads, you can highlight the new and improved features. Not only will the people who visit the page will see it, but also the people who check out other websites. Because through Padleads, you can syndicate your listings throughout the internet.

All landlords will want the best quality for their property. However, most of the time, it also means expensive. But let’s not lose hope yet. Some renovations are worth it, and some are not. Some trendy upgrades we can do without, but which ones?

Hanging the pans and pots

The trend became popular in the past. Hanging the pans on the wall makes them easier to grab, and people will not have to rummage their cabinets. It is also aesthetically pleasing to see identical pots and pans arranged in such a manner. But there is a new trend. People are going for the minimalist look, and visible pans are considered clutter. The landlord should install big drawers to store them if the property does not have any yet.

Granite material for countertops

I know granite countertops are popular, but for how long? I also know it looks good, but let’s face it, it’s expensive. It will eventually become a forgotten trend. The landlord will want to keep up with the future fads, but he will hesitate because he paid a lot for granite countertops. There are several alternatives to make the property attractive.

The landlord can opt to use marble or laminated counters because they are more affordable. They can also achieve the landlord’s desire to make the kitchen countertops pleasing to the eyes. Although they cost less, they are also of good quality.

All-white look for bathrooms

Yes, I know white makes the room appear larger, brighter, and cleaner. I also know that’s what everyone wants for their bathroom. But this trend will work for tenants who consistently keep things tidy. The tenants will need to put in extra effort to keep their bathrooms pristine, and not everyone can do it.

The white paint and fixtures will emphasize dirt and grime more. Stains will stand out, making the purpose of an all-white bathroom moot. If we’re looking for an alternative, I would suggest a neutral color. It can also maintain the room’s brightness without exposing every discoloration.

Not environment-friendly

Being aware of the needs of the environment is not only a trend. It is beneficial as well. We all have a responsibility to help the environment, and getting the landlord to change will benefit everyone. Millennials prefer having environment-friendly things, and it will not hurt if the rental property is one too.

Being environmentally friendly means not using materials that may harm the surroundings. The landlord should choose paint with no volatile organic compounds. He should also use energy-saving gadgets in the rental. It will attract tenants who are conscious about protecting our environment.

Distressed everything

Remember the time when distressed jeans and cabinets exist? People thought distressed everything had an edge and charm. But distressing cabinets in a property will only make it look old. Sadly, it will not have the same effect it had years ago. Sometimes keeping things simple and using neutral tones is enough. Make sure the landlord knows the importance of using lighter shades. Using darker shades of color will make the room look tiny and dim.

Design trends will keep popping up from time to time, and the landlord may feel the need to keep up with them. However, trends eventually fade, leaving the property with outdated looks. It will also mean the landlord has to pay again to change them. I must admit that landlords have to adjust to some fads, but they should also know which ones to avoid.

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