The Leasing Agent’s Manual About Maximizing Rental Incomes in Canada

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The rental business is not only about getting paid to gain profit from a property. I know it’s the main reason to invest in it, but we also have to consider other things. Landlords should also be deliberate on improving their services by maximizing their income. After all, the tenants are more willing to pay the rent once they realize they are getting their money’s worth.

Putting the money to good use means making the tenants comfortable. If they are satisfied with what they experience, they’d want to renew their lease. Of course, comfort costs money. Some landlords will immediately think about increasing the rent. But wait, not yet. Before raising the price, a landlord must know how to maximize the rent he is getting now. How? I can name a few things you can share with them.

New paint

What does new paint have to do with anything? Hear me out. A fresh coat of paint will make the property look new. The original color might be outdated, and it may be a time to change. Landlords must know which colors to use to make the rooms brighter and welcoming.

The new paint can also cover up some of the stains that cleaning cannot remove. It is helpful when showing the property to potential tenants because it will look clean and ready for them.

Deep cleaning

Sometimes a landlord will not have enough money to buy new appliances or have the property renovated. The cheapest way is to have the rental deep cleaned and polished. The tenants pay for comfort, am I right? A clean home is a safe and comfortable home. Providing them with luxury does not always mean expensive. A clean property has an increased value, thus making it possible for the landlord to increase the rental.

Laundry machine or dishwasher

A property’s value also increases if there are additional amenities in it. I’m not only talking about having a swimming pool or a huge backyard. A property can have other items that can provide tenants with convenience, like machines or appliances.

If the landlord can afford it, he can invest in putting in a dishwasher or a laundry machine. The thought of not having to bring the dirty clothes to the laundromat will appeal to most tenants. And a dishwasher will allow them to multitask as well. Either machine will justify an increase in the rental price.

Professional property listing

With this tip, a landlord may avail of your expertise. Having a beautiful property is ineffective if you don’t advertise it. A good listing should attract the tenants and pique their interest. If you have a friend with a knack for taking lovely photos, you can ask him to photograph the rental. The tenants will also appreciate it if the listing includes complete details.

Once you have it all, you can utilize a professional website to advertise the property. You can sign up for Padleads for an affordable and reasonable price. Padleads lets you post property listings and syndicate them all over the internet. It will guarantee that the money will not go to waste.

Adding a room and renovating

The most expensive tip to utilize the income is to have work done on the property. But only if the landlord has the budget for it. The more features the rental has, the more valuable it becomes. The property owner can renovate the bathrooms and the kitchen because the tenants use them often. They should choose the area where it needs more work and improvement.

They can also think about adding a room to the rental. The extra accommodation can become an office, bedroom, or whatever they want it to be. It will also increase the value by twenty to thirty percent. The tenants will take delight in having more rooms for their needs.

Landlords must remember that the income derived from their business should not only benefit them. They should think about their tenants, their comfort, and their satisfaction. Happy tenants mean the management is a success.

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