What Millenials in Canada Want: A Leasing Agent’s Guide

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As a leasing agent, keeping up with the trends and fads should be one of your top considerations. You have to know what the consumers want because it adds a certain level of satisfaction. The tenants will appreciate an agent who knows what they want without telling you. But first, you have to determine the landlord’s target renters. Some of them might prefer a property away from the hustle and bustle of the city. And some may want to have easier access to establishments and entertainment.

In this day and age, most of the tenants you will encounter are Millenials. The people belonging to this group were born between 1981 to 1996. It means they are in their working age. These potential tenants want to start looking for long-term homes, and who else could help them but you? The question is, do you know what these Millenials need? If not, let me tell you.

Being Flexible

Millennials are more aware of their preferences more than ever. They want a home where they can be free. Of course, they would have to follow the lease agreement, but they would also like flexibility on some rules. For example, let’s talk about the topic of subletting. The landlords should consider it for these young renters, particularly if convenient.

Landlords can also include rooms in their properties that the tenants can convert. They can use it anyway they want to, an office or a baby’s room perhaps. If they find the place and landlord flexible, they will likely stay longer.

Maintaining Communication

Today’s technology allows us to communicate with everyone and in different ways. Gone are the days where a person waits for at least a few days to hear from someone; a response via text can now arrive in less than a minute, and it has become a convenience for all of us.

We should note that Millennials grew up with the availability of texts, emails, and chatting online. They would expect a fast response to their queries or concerns because of the available means to communicate. You can suggest that the landlord set up a time when the tenants can contact him for rent-related purposes. It is better to give a specific number to text or call. The landlords should also keep the tenants posted for any announcements and reminders. It will make them aware of what happens in their properties.

Option to personalize

Some Millennials are only starting to become independent. It is an opportunity to make their choices regarding their homes. If they are looking for something long-term, they’d want a property where they can feel the ownership. But what is the landlord’s role in this?

If the landlord plans on making changes to his rental, why not ask the tenant their preference? Maybe they want a specific color for a room or add kitchen cupboards. Of course, there is a limit to their freedom to modify the property, but it will make them feel considered. An unfurnished rental is an advantage because the tenant can personalize their home.


As I’ve said, the tenant’s preference will matter. Older folks would probably choose a quiet neighborhood where they won’t be disturbed by parties or crowds. But studies show that Millennials want something different. The group will opt to stay in a rental closer to their jobs and places of entertainment.

Rentals in the middle of the city are likely apartment buildings, which are also communities in a sense. The landlord can have common areas where tenants can mingle and have small get-togethers. It will make them feel that they belong in a community.

Identifying your market is a definite advantage because you know what to offer them. You know what to put in your property listings that will pique their interest.

Speaking of property listings, we all know Millennials use the internet for almost everything. It is no surprise that they will look for vacant rentals online. With that in mind, why don’t you try and sign up for Padleads? You can post listings and syndicate them to other websites. Millennials will take notice in no time.

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